Blossoming Acres

Thanksgiving Pies

Last days to order your Thanksgiving pies!

We will start taking orders for Thanksgiving pies Monday November 1.

Orders can be picked up on the Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving. If you need to pick up a pie earlier we highly recomend getting one of our frozen pies to bake at home as we do not use preservatives in our pies.

Pies orders for Tuesday may be ordered until 6 PM Monday, and pie orders for Wednesday may be ordered until 6 PM Tuesday. We will be open from 7 AM until 7 PM that Tuesday and Wednesday. Please give us a 1 hour pick up window that you will pick up your pies. This is to help spread out the customers, and to make sure that we have enough of each pie made at the correct times.

All of our dessert pies are vegetarian, and we do have vegan and no sugar added pies available. For vegan pies we have blueberry, cherry, peach, strawberry rhubard, raspberry, no sugar added blueberry, and no sugar added peach. All of our crumb top pies contain butter. For no sugar added pies we offer, peach, apple, or blueberry. Please specify that you would like a no sugar added pie.

Please stop by our store or call us at (413) 569-3663 to order your pies.

We reserve the right to cut off orders for certain varieties of pie based on availability.

Pies Available To Order

Apple $21.99

Apple Crumb $21.99

Blueberry $21.99

Blueberry Crumb $21.99

Cherry $21.99

Cherry Crumb $21.99

Strawberry Rhubarb $21.99

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb $21.99

Peach $21.99

Peach Crumb $21.99

Raspberry $21.99

Raspberry Crumb $21.99

Harvest Crumb $21.99 (mixed berries & apples)

Pumpkin $21.99

Pecan $22.99

Chocolate Cream $21.99

Banana Cream $21.99

Banana Split $21.99 (banana cream with strawberries pineapple chocolate, nuts, & a cherry on top)

Lemon Meringue $21.99

Key Lime $21.99

Coconut Cream $21.99

Peanut Butter Cup $22.99 (cream cheese based pie similar to a cheesecake)

Maple Walnut Cream $22.99

No Sugar Added Blueberry, Peach, or Apple $21.99