Blossoming Acres

2022 CSA Members

CSA Extra #2

This is for everyone who signed up for our 2022 CSA! We have been hearing that many people are still having trouble receiving our emails. This seems to especially be the case with people who use Comcast or Hotmail email addresses, please check your spam folder and allow our email address thru your spam filters. As a reminder only people who have signed up for this season should be getting the emails. Even though your card does not expire, the extras only last for 1 season. To recieve the extras again you must sign up for the current season.
For the second extra of the season we would like everyone to come in and get 4"-5" annuals or quart perennials. Please come in and mix up a tray of 8 of anything in these size pots. This includes almost every annual, succulents, herbs, and small pot perennials. The other option once again is $25 off any hanging basket. Please pick up the 8 pots or get $25 off of a hanging basket anytime now thru Wednesday June 29.

Thank you for being a member of our CSA program