Blossoming Acres

2023 CSA Bonus Item #2

Time for squash!

For the second extra of the season we would like everyone to come in for squash. Please stop by anytime now thru Thursday July 6 and pick out 6 squash. You can pick from any variety. We usually have yellow squash, zucchini, eight ball zucchini, golden zucchini, striped golden zucchini, patty pan, golden patty pan, and cousa. Some varieties are limited in quantity however we pick them every other day. You may pick any size. Please remember to stop at the register and have your name crossed off of the list. We hope to see you soon, and happy Fourth of July!


We still have many members saying theyre not getting their emails. Almost every person not recieving emails is a comcast user. To recieve our emails please got to settings > Advanced settings > email safe list Please turn on email safe list and add to the list and We currently send all comcast users 2 emails every time trying to get people their emails.