Blossoming Acres

CSA Early Enrollment

Enroll Now through March 15th For Bonus

Our new website is live, and you can enroll for our CSA right online! While you can sign up for our CSA at any point in the year if you sign up by Through March 15th we will add more money to your CSA card then if you join at any other point during the year!

Throughout the year we add 10% more than you pay onto your CSA card if you pay $150 or more.

During early enrollment if you but a card for

$150 - $299.99 We will instead add 12%

$300 - $599.99 - 15% added to your card

$600 or more - 20% added to your card

That means if you buy a CSA card for $600 we will give you a card to use on anything we grow or produce, all produce, and local meat, worth $720!

And don't forget that we also give out 10 Free bonus items Between June and October!