Blossoming Acres

2024 CSA Bonus Item #2

More plants!

For the next extra of the season we would love all of our 2024 season members to come in to get some more plants. Please stop by any time now through Sunday June 29, and fill up a flat of annuals. You may Grab a flat tray that will be located in front of the greenhouse. You can fill the tray with annuals of any variety and any size pot. Please be kind to the plants and don't stack them. Fill the tray with what can safely and entirely fit in the tray. Perennials are not included. If you would rather, you can instead get $20 off of a hanging basket. Don't forget to head to the register and have your name checked off of the list. This is a friendly reminder that only people who signed up after December 1, 2023 for the 2024 season get the extras. Having a CSA card from a previous season does not entitle you to get the free items. Also if you are not getting the emails and are a 2024 member please check the spelling on the list at the register. If it is incorrect, we can fix it. If it is correct we can do a test email, or you can check your spam folder.