Blossoming Acres

About Us

Strengthening and enhancing our community by growing and producing food, flowers and a vibrant and inclusive farm family.

The Farm

Blossoming Acres is a diversified farm with more than 80 acres in production of mixed vegetables, cut flowers, and nursery products.

Our farm store and bakery sells fresh produce, a variety of local food products and locally made crafts and gifts.

Our 200-member CSA provides members with choice in the items offered and value added freezable crops during the summer high season.

We can also regularly be found at the Longmeadow and Berkshire Farmers' Markets.

Blossoming Acres production methods are conventional with a commitment to reduced use of chemicals and use of Integrated Pest Management methods. Production starts in January in the greenhouses and early crops are often planted in the fields by early April. Multiple plantings ensure season long harvest of crops and some years fall crops can be harvested until December. Plastic mulch is used extensively to reduce labor, deter insects and control soil temperature. Cultivation is used instead of herbicides wherever possible.


The farm was started in 1985 by Jeff and Lenita Bober and Robert and Lois Davis. In 1998 Jeff and Lenita leased the Putnam Farm and Bakery and bought that farm in 2006. Jeff and Lenita managed Blossoming Acres together and built the business together.

In 2019 Jeff passed away suddenly in June and the business is now managed by Lenita and a team of employees who have truly proved themselves to be family. The practice has always been to treat my employees as family and when Jeff died the support received from past and present employees was nothing short of a miracle.

Our Committment to Local

Blossoming Acres has always promoted the “buy local” and “know your farmer, know your food” approach to marketing, long before it was the fad. That has been the belief that has driven this business and will continue to do so in the future. Some of the proudest moments for our farmers are seeing young families with their children shopping at the market or farm stand where they shopped with their parents as children.

The whole team is friendly and family and community minded and the feeling and ambiance of the store and markets reinforce this in many ways. Transparency in farm practices in the field and in the kitchen, willingness to listen and help and validate customers concerns and attention to the customers experience and surroundings while shopping, even the music played is important to Blossoming Acres success.

In memory of

Jeff Bober


We can never forget you!