Blossoming Acres

CSA & Farmer's Markets


Blossoming Acres' CSA program is set up differently than a traditional CSA membership and customers are very happy with the program.

Instead of getting a basket or share of produce each week, CSA members are issued a card they may use at our store for anything grown or produced at Blossoming Acres. This includes veggies, bakery products, bedding plants and more. It also can be used to purchase any other produce at the store no matter where it is grown, and may be used to purchase locally raised meats.

June through October participants participants also recieve 10 free bonus items depending on what is plentiful and in season. A great boon to members who like to preserve the bounty of the season!

Customers can enroll at any time and will receive 10% store credit above the price of the CSA, but early enrollment beginning in December through March 15th earns you up to 20% extra credit.

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Farmers' Markets

Blossoming Acres attends two farmers markets which have been successful sales outlets for many years. The Longmeadow market is on Thursday from 12 to 6 and runs from the second week of June until the last week of October.

We also are regular sellers at the Berkshire Area Market in Lanesborough, which runs every Saturday 8 to 2 from the beginning of May until the end of October.

We are at the farmers market in season rain snow or shine! We also take WIC and Elderly farmers market vouchers.

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us at the markets. We started at the Berkshire Area Farmers Market in 1990, when it was still in Pittsfield, and wouldn't be who we are today if it wasn't for your support!