Blossoming Acres

Flowers & Bedding Plants

Most of the plants that we sell are seeded or propagated by us on the farm! We have 15 greenhouses and grow approximately 3000 hanging baskets. All of our hanging baskets are designed and assembled on site!

We mostly grow vegetative varieties because we grow for season long performance, not to grow quick and sell quick. We some seeded annuals such as marigolds, dusty miller and gazanias, so stop by in season and see what we have to ad flowers to your yard!

We also bring in some plants such as perennials from 2 other local farms that we know and trust.

Flowers & Bedding Plants

2023 Flower Varieties

Here is a list of some of the varieties that we are growing for our 2023 season! There will be more! We can not guarantee that all varieties will available all season.

We also grow vegetable plants and a large variety of herbs! We also bring in a few other flowers, herbs, and perennials from other local farms.

Ageratum - Bumble Blue

Ajuga – Black Scallop
Alternanthera - Brazilian Red Hot
Alternanthera - Little Ruby
Angelonia - Archangel Cherry Red
Angelonia – Angelissa

Angelonia – Angel Dance
Bacopa - MegaCopa
Bacopa - Calypso
Begonia - Bada Bing
Begonia - Bada Boom
Begonia - Bigs
Begonia - Dragon Wing
Begonia- Whopper
Begonia, Tuberous - Nonstop Mocca
Begonia, Tuberous - Nonstop
Begonia, Vegetative - I'Conia Miss Montreal
Begonia, Vegetative - I'Conia Portofino

Bidens – Sundrop Compact
Calibrachoa - Cha-Cha
Calibrachoa – Cabaret

Calibrachoa – Bumble Bee
Coleus - Main St La Rambla
Coleus - Burgundy Wedding Train
Coleus - Lava Rose
Coleus - Campfire
Coleus - Coleosaurus
Coleus - Dragon Heart
Coleus - Electric Lime
Coleus - Florida Sun Rose
Coleus - French Quarter
Coleus - Heartbreaker
Coleus - Henna
Coleus - Ruby Punch
Coleus - Special Effects
Coleus - Wasabi
Coleus - Main St Chartres St
Coleus - Main St Ocean Dr
Coleus - Main St River Walk
Coleus - Main St Ruby Road
Coleus - Main St Sunset Blvd

Coleus – Main St Yong St

Coleus – Main St Alligtor Alley

Coleus – Main St Bourbon St

Coleus – Tickled Pink

Coleus – Tickled Purple
Cuphea - Floriglory Diana
Cuphea - Floriglory Selena
Cuphea – Honeybells

Cuphea – Cherrybells

Dahlia - Dahlegria Apricot Tricolor
Dahlia - Dahlegria Magenta Bicolor
Dahlia -Dahlegria Pink Flame
Dahlia - Dahlegria Sunrise
Dahlia - Dahlegria White
Dahlia - Happy Days Neon
Dahlia - Happy Days Orang Red Bicolor
Dahlia - Happy Days Purple
Dahlia - Happy Days Yellow
Dahlia - Sincerity
Dahlia - Dalaya Apricot
Dahlia - Dalaya Fireball
Dahlia - Dalaya Purple White
Dahlia - Dalaya Raspberry
Dahlia - Venti Red White
Dahlia - Venti Tequila Sunrise
Dahlia - Hypnotica Lemon Swirl

Dahlia - Hypnotica Purple Bicolor

Dahlia - Hypnotica Red
Dahlia - Hypnotica Rose Bicolor

Dahlia - Hypnotica Tequila Sunrise
Dahlia - Hypnotica Tropical Breeze
Dahlia - Hypnotica White

Dahlia - Hypnotica Yellow
Dahlia - Megaboom Passion Fruit
Dahlia - Novation Pink Hot

Dahlia - Novation Salmon

Dahlia - Temptation Orange
Dahlia - Temptation Lavender

Dahlia - Temptation Pink Bicolor
Dahlia - Temptation Purple
Dahlia - Temptation Red
Dahlia - Temptation Yellow
Dahlia - XXL Ensenada
Dahlia - XXL Juarez

Dahlia - XXL Merida

Dahlia - XXL Paraiso

Dahlia - XXL Veracruz
Diascia – My Darling Berry
Diascia – My Darling Peach
Duranta erecta - Gold Edge
Evolvulus - Blue My Mind
Fuchsia - Dark Eyes
Fuchsia – Marinka

Fuschia - Southgate
Fuchsia - Swingtime
Gaura - Stratosphere Pink Picotee
Gaura - Stratosphere White

Geranium, Interspecific – Calliope

Geranium, Interspecific - Santana
Geranium, Interspecific - Sarita Sunstar Red
Geranium, Interspecific - Marcada Pink Purple Eye
Geranium, Novelty - Mrs Pollock

Geranium, Scented – Mosquito Shocker
Geranium, Zonal – Galaxy

Geranium, Zonal - Presto
Geranium, Zonal - Savannah
Geranium, Zonal - Super Moon Red
Grass, Juncus – Unicorn

Grass, Pennisetum - Fireworks
Heliotrope - Marine
Hypoestes - Splash Select Mix
Impatien – Beacon

Impatien, Double - Glimmer
Impatien, Interspecific - Sunpatien Compact
Impatien, Interspecific - Bounce
Impatien, New Guinea - Magnum Xl
Impatien, New Guinea - Magnum
Ipomoea (sweet Potato) - assorted
Lamium - Jade Frost
Lamium – Beacon Silver
Lamium - White Nancy
Lantana – Bloomify

Lantana – Shamrock

Lantana – Bandolista

Lantana – Sundance

Lobelia – Early Springs

Lobelia – Techno

Lobularia – Easy Breezy
Lophospermum - Lofos Compact Rose
Lophospermum - Lofos Compact White
Lophospermum - Lofos Wine Red
Lysimachia - Creeping Jenny Yellow
Nemesia - SunGlow Yellow Bicolor
Nemesia - Angelart
Osteospermum - Blue Eyed Beauty
Osteospermum - Blushing Beauty
Osteospermum - Serenity
Osteospermum - Margarita
Pansy - Delta
Pansy - Majestic Giant

Pansy - Matrix
Petunia, Vegetative - Bee's Knees

Petunia, Vegetative - Cannonball
Petunia, Vegetative – ColorRush

Petunia, Vegetative – Double Vogue
Petunia, Vegetative - Midnight Gold

Petunia, Vegetative - SureShot
Petunia, Vegetative – Surfinia

Petunia, Vegetative – Surfinia XXL
Petunia, Vegetative - Headliner

Petunia, Vegetative - Tea
Plectranthus, coleoides – Variagated

Plectranthus – Velvet Elvis
Plumbago - Imperial Blue
Plumbago - Imperial White
Portulaca - Cupcake
Portulaca - Cupcake Upright
Purslane - RioGrande
Salvia, vegetative - Mystic Spires
Salvia, vegetative - Roman Red
Salvia, vegetative – Blue Chill
Salvia, vegetative - Black & Bloom
Salvia, vegetative - Purple & Bloom

Salvia, Vegetative – Hummingbird Falls

Sanvitalia - Mezcal
Scaevola - Bombay
Sedum – Lemon Ball
Setcreasea - Purple Variegated
Solanum - jasmine vine Varigated
Thunbergia - Assorted
Torenia - Summer Wave Large Amethyst
Torenia - Summer Wave Large Blue
Torenia - Summer Wave Large Silver
Torenia - Summer Wave Large Violet
Verbena, Vegetatvie - EnduraScape Pink Bicolor
Verbena, Vegetatvie - Firehouse
Vinca major - Expoflora
Vinca major - Maculata
Vinca major - Variegata
Viola - Sorbet