Blossoming Acres


Our Own Produce

We grow about 100 acres of produce! Here are some of the some of the vegetables that we grow, and their approximate season.

Beans, Green & Yellow - Late June - Frost
Beets, Golden, Red, & Chiogga (candy cane) - Mid May - Christmas
Bok Choi - Mid May - Frost
Broccoli - Dependent on weather June - October Limited availablity
Carrots, Rainbow or Orange - June - Christmas
Cauliflower - Dependent on weather June - October Limited availablity
Cherry Tomatoes, Many colors and varieties - Mid July - Frost
Colored Peppers, Red, Orange, Yellow, & Purple - Late August - Frost
Corn, White, Yellow,& BiColor - July - Frost
Cucumbers, Long & Pickling - Late June - Frost
Eggplant, Many colors and varieties - Mid July - Frost
Fennel - July - Frost limited availability
Green Peppers - Late July - Frost
Hot Peppers, Many varieties - Late July - Frost
Kale, Flat & Curly - Mid May - Frost
Leeks - September - Christmas
Lettuce, Red leaf, Green Leaf, Romaine types, & Boston - Mid May - Frost
Musk Melon\Cantaloupe - Late July - Late September
Onions, Red, White, & Yellow Spanish, & Cippolini - July - Christmas
Radishes, Many varieties - Mid May - Frost
Shallots, September - Until Sold Out
Spinach - Mid May - November
Summer Squash, Yellow, Zucchini, Golden Zucchini, Cousa - Mid June - Frost
Swiss Chard, Rainbow or White - Mid May - Frost
Tat Soi - Mid May - Frost
Tomatillos - August - Frost
Tomatoes, Red, & Orange - Mid July - Frost
Turnips White Salad or Purple Top Salad - June- Frost Purple Top - September - Christmas
Vitamin Greens Mid May - Frost
Winter Squash Many Varieties Mid September - Christmas
Yummy Peppers Small and very sweet mixed colors - Late August - Frost

Availability may change due to weather, and growing conditions

A weekly wholesale availabilty list can be emailed or sent via text message to any business with a tax ID number

Other Local Produce

We also carry produce from other local farms. We get fruit and vegetables only from farms that we know and trust! We work with local farms such as Mountain Orchard in Granville, MA., Berry Knoll Gardens in Ludlow, MA., Kosinski Farms in Westfield, MA., Calabrese Farm in Southwick, MA., Bashitas Orchards in Southampton, MA. & more!

This diversifies the types of fresh local produce available to you.

Local produce grown by other local farms includes

Patty Pan Squash
Sweet Potatos
and more!