Blossoming Acres

We Don’t Grow GMOs

Everything we grow plants or produce we make sure are non GMO.

GMO means any organism whose DNA has been modified using genetic engineering technology. For produce it generally means vegetables that have had their genetics altered through engeneering rather than traditional breeding practices. Some GMO produce is engeneered to be pest resistant.

GMOs are still controversial, with studies over a wide variety of topics inlcuding contamination of other crops, enviormental effects, super weeds, impacts on birds butterflies and bees, and more. We would rather be safe than sorry, so we have chosen not to grow them. We are not going to sell you produce that we aren't confident in eating ourselves.

Integrated Pest Management

At Blossoming Acres we take our "know your farmer know your food: slogan very serioulsy. We are not certified organic but do practice Intergrated Pest Management Methods.

These included and are not limited to
using pheramone traps to monitor insect populations,
extensive use of plastic mulch to stop weeds, and deter insects
and cover crops

When chemicles are needed we try to stick to chemicals that are approved for organic growers. Please feel free to ask at any time if a crop is sprayed or not and we will do our best to track down the person with the answer. We aso choose our varieties carefully based on taste and quality, NOT YIELD.